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Recent Postings

02-14-18 ~ Rakkasah stuff: costuming, dates, dance set (with YouTube postings and music)
02-14-18 ~ Accessories info: dance sandals, sword, practice slippers.


Important Dates
Please mark your calendars......

2/19-3/19 - Sewing, Mondays and 2nd/4th Wednesdays. 5-8pm, check the calendar
4/5 and 4/12 - Final Rehearsals, TBD
4/15 - Rakkasah, rakkin' it at 2pm



4/15 - Rakkasah
Ballroom Stage 2:00-2:15pm
Here come Raks al Khalil and the Rakettes
Centre Concord: 5298 Clayton Road, Concord, CA
Sunday April 15 - 12noon - 7pm - $18 (performers get in free the day off their performance)


COSTUMING (and accessories):
Gather your costuming up now!

Rakettes: new head dress?, silver top, new cinch, mid drift mesh (optional), new belt, silver skirt, sandals, sword, silver jewelry.

Rak Core - Costume #1: silver balady dress, colior long hip drape worn as hip belt, color head sash with mid coins, cane. sandals, troupe gold coin necklace and earrings (ala SB's wedding, will order for Rosa and Sonja).
Rak Core - Costume #2 (all to be worn  under costume #1): black/gold head dress w/braid trim, black/gold top, black/gold bra, mid drift mesh (optional), black/gold belt, gold skirt, black bustle?, sword.


DANCE SET (with YouTube postings for practice and music):

1- Rak Core - Cane Dance II
***New Cane CANE II (mp3) - HakimKYoross, EhHalaEh

2- Rakettes - Sassy Saidi/Talakik
YouTube Posting - Rakkasah 2008
Sassy Saidi/Talakik/Stalker (mp3) - Hakim "Talakik"

3- RAK! Sword II Dance
YouTube Posting - BABDAMA, Nov2017 (at 4:40) - Sirens Fest 2017 (at 4:54)
***New Sword - Magic of the Dance V.1, Salome's Seven Veils (mpg) SHORT / FULL

4- RAK! Drum Solo II
YouTube postings - Carnival of Stars 2011 (at 8:30) - Rakkasah 2011 (at 12:25) - Carnival of Stars 2010 - Rakkasah 2008


Download music for class purposes only
To download, please follow instructions for your own device.

***New Sword
- Magic of the Dance V.1, Salome's Seven Veils SHORT / FULL
Lotus Dance (mp3) - Masavo, MysticCaravan "Hanging Garden" SHORT
Rah's Love (mp3) - OFantasy, vol.10 ELoveAffair
Tribal Fusion Taqsim (mp3) - Belly Dance Superstars III "I Cash Radii"
Tray Song/Fan Veil Song (mp3) - Cafe Bellydance "Raks Zamani"

Dreaming Veil (mp3) - GLammanDDiaspora
Aurora Borealis Veil (mp3) -
DJ Masavo/Serpents Garden "Mystic Caravan"

Taqsim Fan/Veil (mp3) Masavo "Hanging Gardens"
Taqsim Veil, Yearning (mp3) - BDSSV "Yearning"

***New Cane CANE II (mp3) - HakimKYoross, EhHalaEh
Cane Dance, 2013 revision (mp3) - BDSuperstars IV "Bell Arabi"
JC Cymbal Dance (mp3) - OFTekbilik "Shashkin"
Egyptian Boogie (mp3) Al Ahram Orchestra "Saher Al Sharq Etneen"
Love Song (long) (mp3) - Ishtar "Wi Lamouni/Ligharou Meni"
Sassy Saidi/Talakik/Stalker (mp3) - Hakim "Talakik"

Drum Solo I/Happy Day Drum Solo (mp3) - Belly Dance for Fortune and Fame "Drum Solo"

Drum Solo III/Elvis Drum Solo (mp3) George Lammam "Zaatar and Almonds"
Drum Solo IV/Basketball Drum Solo (mp3) - Gamal Gommaa "Sahra Saidi"
Drum Solo VI / Popcorn Drum Solo  (mp3) - Ramzy, Sabla Tolo "Lucy, the Magnificent" (edit front)
Drum Solo VI/Popcorn Drum Solo (mp3) - Ramzy, Sabla Tolo "Lucy, the Magnificent"

ZillCapella (mp3) - CaravanProject, WalkToNowhere (Beledi)
Pharaonics I (mp3) - DJ Mosavo, Sensual Goddess "Chant of Lost Love" (cut part of entrance)
Pharaonics I (mp3) - DJ Mosavo, Sensual Goddess "Chant of Lost Love" (exit music)
Pharaonics II (mp3) - DJ Mosavo, Sensual Goddess "Uncovered Ecstasy"


CHOREOGRAPHY - You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download pdf files, download here.

01-25-16 ~ Taqsim, Love Affair (pdf)
06-11-15 - Zill A Cappella (draft pdf)
02-16-15 ~ Zill Thrill, Part I and Part II (pdf)
02-21-14 ~ "Drum Solol VI, Popcorn" (pdf)
10-03-13 ~ Pharaonics I (pdf), Pharaonics II (pdf)
(OLD choreography to be used as a guide, there are current changes which are not reflected in these posted.)
06-19-13 ~ "Cane" 2013 revision (pdf)
02-21-13 ~ "Drum Solo IV" (pdf)
02-21-13 ~ "Love Song, part 2" (pdf)
01-11-13 ~ "Love Song" with Formations (pdf)


Monday and 2nd/4th Wednesday Sewing
Make your Rakkasah costume 2/19-3/19 from 5-8pm, see calendar for dates.


YouTube performance (BY DANCE)- Get your practice on!
My YouTube Channel:

John Compton's Cymbal Dance)
- Rakkasah 2014 (:18)
Talakik - Rakkasah 2008
Love Song - Rakkasah 2016 (at :16) - Rakkasah 2017 Rakkasah 2013, extended version - Hotter than July 2012 (we will do an extended version with all
Cane I - Rakkasah 2014 (8:04) - Desert Dance Festival 2011 (at 4:09)
Egyptian Boogie - Rakkasah 2016 (at :14) - Desert Dance Festival 2011 - Carnival of Stars 2011 (at :09)
Zill Thrill (no zills, part I) Rakkasah 2015 (no zills, part II) Rakkasah 2015 (at 11:06)
- Rakkasah 2011 (at :13)
Fast and Furious - Desert Dance Festival 2010, Sept10 - Carnival of Stars 2010, Aug10 - Rakkasah 2009, Mar09 -
Desert Dance Festival 2009, Sept09
Balady - Rakkasah 2011 (at 5:44) - Rakkasah 2010 - Rakkasah 2007
Raks Leyla - Rakkasah 2009 -
Desert Dance Festival 2009

Sword II - BABDAMA, Nov2017 (at 4:40) - Sirens Fest 2017 (at 4:54)
Veil (ala Dunia) - BABDAMA, Nov2017 (at start) - Sirens Fest 2017
Dreaming Veil - Rakkasah 2016 (at 2:44)
Rah's Love - Rakkasah 2016 (at 3:51)
Taqsim for Saiqa - Rakkasah 2015 (3:44)
Just Tray - Rakkasah 2014 (4:15)
Tribal Fusion Taqsim - Rakkasah 2013 (at 4:48) - Rakkasah 2007

Aurora Borealis Veil - Rakkasah 2013 with variation (at 7:15) - Carnival of Stars 2011 (at 3:58) - Rakkasah 2008
Break it Down Taqsim - (go to 3:16) Desert Dance Festival 2010
Yearning Veil - Rakkasah 2010
Dreaming Veil - Rakkasah 2017 at 2:42
Dreamy Veil - Rakkasah 2010
Taffy Taqsim - (go to 3:01) Hotter than July 2012 - Rakkasah 2009 - Desert Dance Festival 2009
Sword I and Tray - Carnival of Stars 2010 - Rakkasah 2009
Mother Earth Taqsim - Rakkasah 2011 (at 8:34) - Rakkasah 2007


Happy Day Drum Solo I
- Desert Dance Festival 2011 (at 8:39) - Desert Dance Festival 2010, Sept10 - Rakkasah 2007
Drum Solo II - Carnival of Stars 2011 (at 8:30) - Rakkasah 2011 (at 12:25) - Carnival of Stars 2010 - Rakkasah 2008

Elvis Drum Solo III - BABDAMA, Nov2017 (at 8:13) - Sirens Fest 2017 (at 8:35) - Rakkasah 2016 (at 6:44) - (go to 7:07) Hotter than July 2012
BBall Drum Solo IV - Rakkasah 2015 (at 8:30) Rakkasah 2013 (at 12:00)

Popcorn Drum Solo V - Rakkasah 2017 at 6:50 - Rakkasah 2014 (11:37)

ZillCapella - Rakkasah 2016 (at 9:46)
Audio posting on YouTube:
A Voler Desert Dance Festival Extravaganza 2014
Pharaonics, part 1 and 2 - Dance Essense, Dia de las Dances Oct 2012
Pharaonics, part 1 and 2 - Carnival of Stars 2007
Pharaonics, part 1 and 2 - Carnival of Stars 2007


Get some practice on! Contact me for some written choreography.

Hahbi Ru at JCompton's memorial (at 4:20):
Hahbi Ru, super fast and with different formations:

Malia's students:

Another group, a cappella:
Nomadic Tapesty's:
Celena's students, a duet:
Celenda and Sandra:


A cymbal upgrade is mandatory for the Beyond Beginners class or anyone who is ready for better sound. A good pair of cymbals will sound all the more better than the cheapie beginner ones. Here is the best maker and vendor of zills in our belly dance world, buy direct and support them directly. Go for cymbals which are 2 3/8 - 2 1/2", heavier gauge, "Advanced - Professional", "Tribal" or "Specialty". Beginners, it's time to get some zills! Go for the beginners or go for a better grade and you won't have to re-buy them later (this is my recommendation).
Saroyan Mastercrafts:
Saroyan Mastercrafts is in its fourth decade of providing the finest Middle Eastern dance accessories and Finger Cymbals available. From our humble beginning on the U.S. East Coast, to our current international marketplace, Saroyan has been dedicated to serving you with the latest in technology, yet remaining true to tradition. Our leadership is consistently maintained by supplying the highest quality merchandise with exceptional service.

Dance Shoes
A performance REQUIREMENT in the nude color, these sandals are great because not only do they protect your feet, but we can also change the laces to coordinate with costumes. They should be a bit on the smaller side so you don't trip over them (order them a size smaller, your toes should meet the front edge). You can buy them at local dance stores or... this website offers the best price (search Hermes):

I recommend these simple slippers for class rather than bare feet, Isotoner ballerina slippers (not dance shoes). You can pick them up at Kohl's or Amazon, and sometimes Macy's for $8-30. You can add some elastic over the tops to help keep them from slipping off your feet.


The Balady Scimitar is a bit shorter than the regular scimitar, therefore, a bit more safe for our large troupe to use. About $45.00 plus shipping, etc.