2011 images of various dancers at belly dance events. If you are posted and would like either a high resolution image or your image removed, no problem... just ask.

December 2011 ~ Tribal Fusion Faire
An annual event held in San Luis Obispo, a small, intimate event with mostly Tribal Fusion dance. Lots of fun! To the left, Amel Tafsout. Images of Anaar, Natika, Princess Farhana, Kharma, Firefly, just to name a few.....


December 2011 ~ Peace Fair
An annual event held in San Jose around the Holiday Season. Images of Hala Dance Company and Karavansaray Dance Company.



December 2011 ~ Dana Street Cafe
An event brought to us by Nancy. Raks al Khalil were amoungst the invited dancers, also House of Inanna and and Nancy's students.



November 2011 ~ Shop, Swap, and Shimmy
An event brought to us by San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of MECDA. Images of Ghanima (left), Yolanda, Lulu, Karavansaray, Raks Africa, Waseema, Hala Dance Company, Damascus, Malia, and more!



October 2011 ~ Shake, Shimmy, and Shiver
An event brought to us by the Red Desert Dance Company at the Fox Club in Redwood City, CA. Images of Shaheen (left), Red Desert Dance Company, Nouvelle, Raks Hakohaveem, some shambling zombies, and more.



September 2011 ~ Raks al Khalil at Desert Dance Festival
An annual event brought to us by Dunia in Santa Clara, CA. Images of Raks al Khalil and the Rakettes. At the left, Asiyah.



September 2011 ~ Desert Dance Festival
An annual event brought to us by Dunia in Santa Clara, CA. Images of Dunia (left), Indigenous, Kamilla, Leyla Lanty, Nouvelle, Daughters of the Temple Moon, Lulu, Rasa, Sausan, and more.



August 2011 - Saiqa's Breast Cancer Benefit
Images of Sisters of the Temple Moon, Parri, and more.




August 2011 ~ Bean Scene
An event brought to you by Paloma of Lunatic Fringe and the Bean Scene in Sunnyvale, CA.



August 2011 ~ Carnival of Stars
An event brought to you by of Alexandria and Latifa held in Richmond, CA. Images from Saturday: Raks al Khalil, Elizabeth Strong, Sandra, Amina, Helwa, Crystal, Namira, Yolanda, and more!



July 2011 - Belly Dance Fantasy Festival
An event brought to you by Tatseena held in Oakland, CA. Images: Nana, Hala Dance Company, Raks al Khalil, New Moon Dance Company, and more!



July 2011 - Hotter Than July
An event brought to you by Raks Africa held in Berkeley, CA to celebrate their Girls Raks Summer Program.



June 2011 ~ MECDA's Cairo Carnival
An event brought to you by of MECDA held on the Queen Mary at Long Beach. Three floors of vendors and dancing! These images are from Saturday.



May 2011 ~ Tribal Fest
An event brought to you by Kijera in Sebastopol, this was the 11th year of still running strong. See some images of New Moon, Ashara, Tatseena, Jill Parker, Shoshanna, Robin Lovejoy and more.... (Jill Parker, the mama of Tribal Fusion, pictured Left)



April 2011 ~ Bay Area Belly
An event brought to you by Sudeep and Angelica's Bistro in Redwood City. It was a great turn out for this event's debut, see images of Sudeep, Malia, Adriana, New Moon Dancers, Zambalita and more.... (Sudeep pictured Left)


April 2011 ~ Cafe Bellie at Ashkenaz
See images of Anastasia, Malia, Ooh La La, New Moon Dancers, and more.... (Ooh La La, on glasses pictured left)



March 2011 ~ Belly Dance Flash Mob at Nova Albion
An event brought to you by Sandra aka Mansura at Nova Albion, member from Sandra's SharQui class and Raks al Khalil participated. Good times! (Mansura pictured Left)



March 2011 - Raks al Khalil rakkin' Rakkasah, Richmond, CA.
(Samijah pictured left)



March 2011 - Rakkasah, Richmond, CA.
Various dancers from Saturday and Sunday, see images of Ahava, House of Inanna, Bal Anat, Redwood City Dancers (Karen pictured left), Suzanne del Vecchio and more.....



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