2010 images of various dancers at belly dance events. If you are posted and would like a high resolution image version, just ask.

December 2010 - Tribal Fusion Faire 2010, San Luis Obispo, CA.
A fun getaway, have belly dance, will travel. Images of Anaar, Heather Shoopman, Unmata, Steven Eggers, Wild Card Belly Dance... just to name a few!



October 2010 - Breast Cancer Benefit Show, Los Gatos, CA.
Saiqa and Farouche hosted this fabulous event: Khajulah, Celena, Alyne, Kamilla, Elayna and more...



September 2010 - Angelica's Bistro, Redwood City, CA.
Raks al Khalil invited guest at this wonderful venue. Belly dance meets Hawaiian and Latin dance, what a diverse dance event.



September 2010 - Desert Dance Festival, Santa Clara, CA.
Raks al Khalil rakkin' it in their home town!



August 2010 - Cafe Bellie at the Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA.
Always a fun event to attend and the proceeds go to a women's and children shelter.



August 2010 - Carnival of Stars, Richmond, CA.
A comic book meets belly dancer convention brought to you by Alexandria and Latifa.



August 2010 - Malia's Student Recital at Mezza Luna, Half Moon Bay.
One of Malia's biggest event and always well attended. Members of Raks al Khalil performed in her Tunisian suite, see the YouTube posting here.



May 2010 - Dancers Night at Menara Morrocan Restaurant, San Jose, CA.
Parri invited Raks al Khalil to perform at this fun event. We hope to dance there again sometime, we had fun!



May 2010 - Tribal Fest, Sebastopol, CA.
Lots of great performers, what a great weekend!




March 2010 - RAK at Rakkasah, Richmond, CA.
Raks al Khalil rakkin' the house!



March 2010 - Rakkasah, Richmond, CA.
Images from Rakkasah 2010!



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