2008 images of various dancers at belly dance events. If you are posted and would like a high resolution image version, just ask.

December 2008 - Tribal Fusion Faire 2008, San Luis Obispo, CA. Thanks to Wendy for a fantabulous festival each year!




November 2008 - A Belly Dance Collective at Dia de los Muertos celebration, San Jose, CA



November 2008 ~ Raks al Khalil pharaonics photo shoot at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, CA. Photos: Pete Evangel




September 2008 ~ Desert Dance Festival, various dancers and troupes, including Raks al Khalil, Daughters of the Oasis, Karavansaray.




August 2008 ~ Belly Dance Fantasy Festival, San Leandro, CA.
Tatseena hosts this festival, bringing the belly dance community together.




July 2008 ~ Belly Dance at the Bean Scene, Sunnyvale, CA.




May 2008 ~ Hadia visits from Canada, what a great show by some of our local favorites!




May 2008 - Kathy Stahlman holds a class recital at Anno Domini in San Jose. Go Jilly, go Christina!




March 2008 - Raks al Khalil perform at Girlfriends Appreciation Day at the Mexican Heritage Plaza.




March 2008 ~ Post images from Rakkasah 2008. Various images: Jim Boz, Jewel of Opar, Troupe Alakwat, Black Sheep Belly Dance.... Photos: Yours Truly.



March 2008 ~Post images of Raks al Khalil from Rakkasah 2008. Images by: Pete Evangel, Sarah Lyons, Renee Allen (and Friends).



March 2008 ~ Post images from Mother Earth Raks at the Bean Scene. Images: P. Hernandez



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