2006 Image Archive

December 2006 - Photo session with Michael Baxter.

December 2006 - Belly dance at Dana Street Cafe in Mt. View. Troupe Isosceles, Nuwriyah, Ra, Khajulah, Odina, Paloma, Zeldina.

October 2006 - Dia de los Muertos Bean Scream: Yours Truly

September 2006 - Desert Dance Festival: Raks al Khalil, ZA ZA, Raks Africa

July 2006 - San Gregorio Raks, Karima does it again...San Gregorio Raks. See some pix of Khajulah, Anaar, Odina, Tempest and Zelina

June 2006 - Post images of Khajulah and Odina's performance at Belly Dance Fantasy Festival 2006. Photos by Scott Schappell

May 2006 - Post images of Khajulah and Paloma's performance at Tribal Fest May 2006...finally! Photos by Michael Baxter

April 2006 - People's Choice Awards, costuming done by Dancing Diva Designs. Rayah, Shaheen and the duo Karisma (Shaheen and Amara)

March 2006 - Dana St. Cafe Mozaeek has a reunion performance after a short break

Jan 2006 - Danse Soleil - A mini road trip with Paloma, Ra and Aballah. It was a fun night to be had! We vowed to make more road trips to perform.


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