Images 2005

December 2005 photo session w/Michael Baxter

November 2005 TAQSIM: an Evening of Dance at the 101 Lounge in Mountain View. Raks al Khalil, Anaar, Delphina, Paloma, Parri, Zambalita, Troupe Nambah, Jewel of Opar, Marko, Zahara, Aballah and Ra, Karisma

November 2005 "Don't Let Our People Die" benefit show Kouyate Brothers, Bal Anat, Isabella, FatChanceBellyDance, Guedra led by Katarina, Tempest, Katie Kay, Frederique, Rachel Brice, Suhaila...what an evening of great performances!

October 2005 Dia de los Muertos parade and performance

October 2005 Saiqa's Halloween Dance Party at Straw Hat. Pix of Khajulah in a snazzy devil costume

October 2005 San Gregorio Raks, pix of Anaar, Jilly, Karima, Malia and Shayna

October 2005 Belly Dance Fantasy Festival

October 2005 Mountain View Art and Wine Festival with Fontain's Muse

October 2005 Dana Street Cafe

September 2005 Bean Scene

September 2005 Desert Dance Festival, the 20th Anniversary

August 2005 - Post images of Mozaeek (August 2005), studio shots by Michael Baxter, you rule!!!

August 2005 - Parri's Night at the Straw Hat Pizza

August 2005 - Yosifah's Dancer Night at the El Morocco

August 2005 - Saiqa's Belly Dance Party

July 2005 - Dunia's Night at the Oasis

July 2005 - Summer Caravan with Tahneen

July 2005 - Redwood City Raqs with Kekuja at Little India

July 2005 - Redwood City Fourth of July Parade

July 2005 - Parri's Student night with Kekuja at Joslines

May 2005 - Cleopatra Night at Amira's in San Francisco

May 2005 - Saiqa's Student and Friends Night at Straw Hat Pizza

May 2005 - Tribal Fest, images of Mozaeek

May 2005 - Troupe Isosceles and Guest perform at Dana St. Cafe

April 2005 - Joseline's Grand Re-Opening

March 2005 - Rakkasah

March 2005 - Dance into Spring at the Bean Scene

Saiqa's Student and Friends Night - Feb. 25, 2005

January 7, 2005 - Pizza Raks


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