2013 images of various dancers at belly dance events. If you are posted and would like either a high resolution image or your image removed, please contact me.

December 2013 - Dance Essence Fundraiser
Dance Essence is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to bring dance and fitness to the greater Silicon Valley area communities. Our Mission is to establish and support community education and outreach programs to bring dance, movement and fitness education to children and adults throughout the greater Bay Area. http://www.danceessence.org/


November 2013 - Cafe Bellie "Farewell Party for Nana", Ashkenaz, CA. Nana, Malia, Monica, Frederique, Kamsin, and more!




September 2013 ~ Desert Dance Festival
An annual belly dance event held in Santa Clara, CA brought to us by Dunia. These are some images from the festival: Yolanda, Zorba, Janelle, Windy, Zelina, and more!



August 2013 - Carnival of Stars, Raks al Khalil
Core members participate in Carnival of Stars: Khajulah, Yarah Zain (left), Daisy, Nuwriyah, and Mansura.



August 2013 ~ Carnival of Stars, Karavasaray Dance Company
Annual Bellydance Festival held at the Richmond Auditoriaum, Richmond, CA brought to us by Alexandria and Latifa. Images of Amanda, Khajulah, Kelly, Liz, Stacey, and Rebecca.... all in juicy assuit!!!



June 2013 ~ Cairo Carnival
Road Trip to Long Beach for this belly dance festival held on the Queen Mary, brought to us by MECDA.



May 2013 ~ Tribal Fest
THE Annual Tribal Fusion Bellydance Festival held in Sebastopol, CA brought to us by Kajira. Images of Fat Chance Belly Dance, Frederick, Zoe Jakes, and more!!!

Tribal Fest (web)


April 2013 ~ Cafe Bellie
Bellydance Open Stage and Benefit event held a few times a year at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, CA.



April 2013 ~ Lumen Obscura
Dark Fusion and Theatrical Bellydance held at the Historic Hoover Theatre, San Jose, CA brought to us by Diedre Anaid. Images of Firefly, DeeDee, Jodi Waseca, Kajira, Tatseena, and more!



March 2013 ~ Rakkasah West Festival
THE annual belly dance event held in Richmond, CA brought to us by Shukriya. These are some images from the festival: Yolanda, Suzanne del Vecchio (on left), Indigenous, Jewel of Opar, Red Desert Dance, and more!


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